Boxercise® - The Biggest Brand Name in Boxing Fitness

Boxercise began in the UK in 1992 based upon training principles that have existed for over 200 years. We run hundreds of Boxercise training courses every year training thousands of fitness instructors, teachers and PTI's. The Boxercise team have wide ranging backgrounds including boxing (professional & amateur) and martial arts black belts . The entire team have or are currently working as PT's using their padwork skills to gain and retain clients and build profitable businesses. We can't wait to meet you on a course soon!

Boxercise is a registered trademark. Use of the name Boxercise to describe any fitness activity or product can only be granted by ourselves. Any instructor teaching an activity called Boxercise, or anything similar sounding, must be registered with Boxercise to do so. Breach of these trademarks will result in prosecution. Members of the public can check an instructor's right to use the name Boxercise and that they are qualified, by checking at The Boxercise qualification is recognized worldwide and is regarded as the world's number one boxing fitness qualification.